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Viva Ronaldo

Viva Ronaldo is Cristiano Ronaldo’s official community digital platform, creating a full social experience around Cristiano Ronaldo and his fans, available 24/7 and packed with exclusive content. Fans can follow all Cristiano Ronaldo’s live matches, supporting and predicting his in-game actions, and play trivia challenges, to collect points and rewards. On Viva Ronaldo, fans can also interact with Cristiano Ronaldo himself and follow his social activity, among many other features – gaining access to exciting prizes such as match tickets, autographed memorabilia or the chance to meet the player.

Viva Ronaldo’s newest features include: the ability to share videos and pictures supporting Cristiano Ronaldo; a 24/7 chat service; a gift store where fans can acquire virtual goods and send them to Ronaldo or to their friends; and the News Feed, where fans can follow all the action around Viva Ronaldo and Cristiano Ronaldo’s activity on Twitter and Facebook. The Portuguese superstar is now an active participant on the community, regularly liking and commenting on posts and sharing exclusive content with his fans. The platform will further build on bringing together Cristiano Ronaldo’s 100 million social media fans, providing them with a unique mix of entertainment, gaming and social following experience.

Viva Ronaldo is being developed by Viva Superstars, a joint-venture between Cristiano Ronaldo, Polaris Sports, and bViva, focusing on the development of social media environment applications, targeted at celebrities, top athletes, television shows and major events.

Viva Ronaldo is available on the App Store for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) and can also be accessed via all modern web browsers at Viva Ronaldo is also present on Facebook and Twitter.

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bViva Loyalty

How can you effectively integrate mobile, online technology, apps and social media into your strategy to create a great new shopping experience?

How can you get more customers to your stores? How can you get them to buy your products? How can you get them to tell their friends about it on social media? How can you make your business and profit grow?

Upgrading Retail is the answer. Get in touch with your customers at every moment of their shopping process, and reward them for being Mobile, coming to Your store and being Loyal! The bViva Loyalty4G Concept does that for you! It includes a custom-made, save-and-reward-based loyalty APP for iPhone and Android which provides fun, entertainment, advice, help, special offers, discounts, and app-only promotions for your loyal customers! In addition, a unique, secured bViva Indoor Location Technology allows you to communicate with your customers based on their exact location, near or inside the store, and in the future, even down to the department level. It goes even further than that, as communication is not only about location, but also about shopping preferences, achieved privileges based on collected points and unlocked badges. We create a great new powerful platform to help your vendors sell and profile their brands!

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Upgrading Business Apps

Created by our Upgrading Business division, these innovative Business Apps are excellent marketing tools that will help leverage your digital image, improve your brand awareness, drive your sales and increase your profits. bViva’s Business Apps are available for iOS (both iPhone and iPad), Android devices, and also Nokia and Microsoft Smartphones and Tablets. You can now present your business to high-end potential Costumers, promote all the products and services you have to offer, and in turn upgrade your customer loyalty and your Business!

Upgrading Business Services


bViva takes your image to a whole new level, creating disruptive market opportunities, and generating extra revenue streams. We create and deliver unique solutions that bridge the gap between reality and the digital world. Our in-house extensive expertise brings together areas such as Social Networks, Digital Marketing, Brand Management, Digital Image Rights, Augmented Reality, Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing, Locative Media, and Persuasive Computing.

We believe all is possible. Together we will make it happen.

Our Philosophy

At bViva we share a passion for ‘Loyalty’. This can be loyalty to a star, a club, a sport, a product, or a brand: all of us are fans of what we love, just like you! We found out that each of us is able to translate this feeling of ‘being a supporter’ into new ideas on how this can be enjoyed much deeper than ever before: by using mobile technologies and social media we believe it’s possible to take ‘being a fan’ to a whole new level. Our origin at and structural footprint in the Universidade Nova de Lisboa guarantees the access to the latest insights and technologies, as well as a close link to a young, inspirational audience.
The ongoing smartphone revolution, together with our team’s creativity, skills and passion, results in inventive, state-of-the-art interactive solutions. Through the latest mobile technologies and interactive marketing techniques, we (co)create long term Brand-value along with Fan & Customer Commitment for Companies and Brands. We bring international experience, but also speak to you in your own language: sports, entertainment, retail, and business are the buzzwords within our team. We believe all this will give you a great edge over your competitors and make bViva the right partner for your company.

Our Divisions

While our motto is Upgrading Reality, we know that every market has its own needs and that specific expertise is needed to cope with them. We also believe the best way to achieve that is having small multidisciplinary teams working closely to create great solutions for a specific market or business area. That is why our internal organization reflects exactly our market positioning. All our four divisions are developing cutting-edge new media solutions for their markets and are designed to quickly adapt to any technology paradigm shifts or new business strategies that appear along the way.

Upgrading Superstars

Unleash the full potential of a superstars' digital presence. Based on our Loyalty4G and LiveExperience4G platforms, we have created a new paradigm of fan engagement, which will take your image to a whole new level, creating disruptive market opportunities, and extra revenue streams. Fans will feel closer and interact in ways never imagined before, supporting you from anywhere in the world during live events. Crowdsourced content will enrich your social media presence, creating stronger fan communities. This bViva division has resulted in a spinout company, Viva Superstars, a joint-venture founded by Cristiano Ronaldo, Polaris Sports and bViva.

Upgrading Retail

We help you to get more customers to your stores, get them to spend more time in store, get them to be great fans of your store, buy your products and your brands - all that using mobile smartphone technology. Here’s the icing on the cake: they can share their feelings with their friends on social media. Get in touch with your customers at every moment of the shopping process, and reward them for being Mobile, coming to your store and being Loyal! Enter the brand new world of Loyalty4G for Retail!

Upgrading Business

The Upgrading Business Division utilizes all the know-how and tools of the other Divisions to create value and products that adapt to your company. If you own a regional business or brand we can upgrade your digital presence, improve Customer Loyalty and Brand Awareness, thus creating market opportunities, generating extra revenue and bringing customers closer to your business. We also provide highly skilled general IT Services, SW development and internet-related services.

Upgrading Interactions

At bViva we believe that technology should be used to upgrade social interactions. In our modern society, very often people find themselves interacting on different digital spaces while sharing the same physical space. By creating multi-user games and apps that promote interaction between friends and family, bViva develops new kinds of social experiences that brings us together, both physically and digitally.


We have assembled a creative, award-winning team of successful entrepreneurs, software engineers, interaction designers, marketing strategists, and scientists, to create and deliver unique New Media solutions. Comprised of talented individuals that have already participated in the design and development of various world-class projects, this dream team brings with it extensive expertise in areas such as Social Media, Digital Marketing and Brand Management, Digital Image Rights, Augmented Reality, Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing, Locative Media, Persuasive Computing, and Infotainment.

A. Eduardo Dias

A. Eduardo Dias

Co-founder & CEO

After finishing his degree in Computer Science, Eduardo obtained his PhD in Contextual Information and Ubiquitous Computing in 1999, and has been conducting leading research in related areas since. With over 20 years academic experience, he has supervised numerous PhD and MSc students, coordinated and participated on many national and international R&D funded projects, and has had his work published in books, journals and renowned international conferences. Since 1992, Eduardo has founded eight companies in diverse areas, and countries, ranging in specialization from hi-tech to sustainable homes. In 2000 he co-founded YDreams, a cutting-edge globally operating IT company which has revolutionized the way people interact with computers. While there, he was a Vice-President until 2008, and responsible for many award-winning flagship projects and products, as well as negotiating crucial worldwide partnerships with top brands like Nokia, Vodafone, BBC, Navteq, Siemens, Chelsea FC, and Cristiano Ronaldo. During those eight years he supervised sales, business development, entertainment, and human resources areas, and from day one was co-responsible for YDreams’ Corporate Communication. In 2006, Eduardo integrated the team that negotiated an €8.5 million private equity investment, which catapulted the company’s value to €50 million. Eduardo is currently the CEO of the bViva Group, which he co-founded.

Bruno Marques Horta

Bruno Marques Horta

Co-founder // Upgrading Business

Bruno finished his Master degree adding it to the 5 years Licenciatura degree in 1996, in Computer Science Engineering from Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He started working at 18 as IT freelancer and also as HighSchool teacher. In 1998 he joined IBM Portugal, where for 10 years he worked in major accounts for IBM Global Services and IBM Software, became certified in Sales, Project Management (PMP) and IT Architect. He loves teaching and is a lecturer at the Portuguese Bank Management School (ISGB) since 2002. With a true entrepreneur blood, in 2008 he founded his first company (Without Stress Lda, Portuguese leader in bicycles, national mobility award 2010). Bruno masters a broad spectrum of IT business areas such as Retail, Media, Utilities, Banking and also technologies such as Enterprise Architectures, SEO, Internet, SW Development, Data Management, IT Disaster Recovery, Robotics, Parallel Programming and Genetic algorithms. Co-founded bViva International, developing and leading a business oriented division and an international sales team. Is also now Keller Williams Real Estate and SEO Consultant in Portugal

Dick Manintveld

Dick Manintveld

Co-founder // Upgrading Retail

Dick is from a small town in the southwestern Netherlands. After graduating in 1989 with a BSc in International Management, he was one of the co-founders and owners of Trust International, the Dutch computer peripheral manufacturer. He was the group’s Managing Director for more than 20 years. During this time he relocated to the U.K. for three years and successfully oversaw the launch and strategic implementation of the Trust brand at Tesco, ASDA and Morrison’s. He also developed and implemented the Trust expansion strategy, partnering with global giants like Mediamarkt, Metro, Tesco, Amazon and Dixons Retail. In 2009, Dick initiated a two-year transition plan to hand over responsibilities to a new team, ending his tenure at a company that grew into an extremely profitable, pan European operation with revenues in excess of over €125 million. After a one year sabbatical leave, he is now actively involved in bViva as a co-founder. In-line with his extensive experience and passion for retail and branding in an international context, he is also involved in Sales, Marketing and Strategy.

Filipe Barrenho

Filipe Barrenho

Co-founder // Technology & Production

Filipe holds a BSc and an MSc in Computer Science from Universidade de Évora. He has been working mainly in the area of Multimedia Information Systems. Throughout his career, he has developed novel and highly interactive solutions for Advertising and Marketing, Culture, Education and Entertainment, targeting from handheld devices to large interactive installations. In the past years he worked for companies like YDreams and FullSIX, while maintaining a parallel activity as a freelancer. He is a published author of several academic papers and his list of awards includes a Portuguese Multimedia award and a Meios & Publicidade Creativity award.

Mário Franco

Mário Franco

Co-founder // Software Architecture

Mário is a Software Engineer and has been designing and developing software for the past 10 years. He holds a BSc in Computer Science from Universidade de Évora and has since then been developing mobile and location based games, geographic information systems and perfecting his skills as a Web specialist and Software Architect. Although he can’t decide whether his favorite programming language is PHP, Javascript, HTML or CSS, he also enjoys working with any object-oriented language. At bViva, he is responsible for investigating and designing the best software architecture for the company’s products.

Pedro Centieiro

Pedro Centieiro

Co-founder // Product Design // R&D

Pedro holds a BSc and an MSc in Computer Engineering from Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCT-UNL). He co-founded bViva in 2012 but still finds time to work on his PhD thesis, which explores how to take the sports stadium experience remotely to fans at home. Passionate about spectator sports, he is intent on creating innovative forms of interaction between mobile devices and live sports events to convey and enhance the level of emotion, thrill and excitement experienced at these same events. He has also been a researcher at FCT-UNL's Center of Informatics and Information Technology - Interactive Media Group since 2010.

Pedro Lourenço

Pedro Lourenço


Pedro has a BSc and an MSc in Computer Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico. His thesis and early work were centered on augmented reality (AR), games and digital experience. Having started his career at YDreams he had a chance to learn from and work with a very experienced team who dealt with a large array of technologies and solutions. While there, he worked in several projects that were deployed all across the globe, from Portugal to Brazil, ranging from simple flash applications to AR solutions and large interactive installations. He was also actively involved in the development of the YVision SDK, YDreams' flagship software framework.

Peter Hoogerwerf

Peter Hoogerwerf

Co-founder // Operations & Finance

Peter’s roots are in the Netherlands, where he obtained his degree in Information Economics at the University of Amsterdam. Since 1996, he has been working in Information and Communications Technology projects. Starting his career as software developer, he soon specialized in ICT Project Management and in 1998 founded his own company. He worked for several international companies in the banking, government and trading sectors (ABNAMRO, Belastingdienst, HP, KPN, Cap Gemini, Brenntag) often in close cooperation with offshore development cells in South Africa and India. In 2012 he co-founded bViva, where he puts in all his creativity and coordinating effort to build on solid retail and business-oriented solutions.

Catarina Pinto de Paiva

Catarina Pinto de Paiva

Legal Adviser

Catarina gained her Law Degree from Coimbra University in 1995, following which she joined the family law firm, where she has a wide range of business and private clients for whom she provides varied legal advice and assistance. Over the years she has attended a variety of training courses in different areas of legal practice. Catarina’s decision to join the BViva team expresses her desire to follow a new direction and set herself new challenges.

Oscar Amperse

Business Ambassador

Oscar's roots are in the Netherlands, where he obtained his degree in Sales and Marketing at the Business School ,after graduating in 1995, he studied at the Harvard university Strategic Execution and Strategic Thinking. As a retail professional he was managing director at Media Markt and worked for big consumer electronics companies as Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Princess Household Appliances and Philips Electronics. Since October 2013 decided to work on -interim base- for several companies, companies with new vision for new activation and strategy in the retail and e tail environment. Since December 2013 he joined bViva as a business ambassador.

João Oliveira Simões

João Oliveira Simões

Senior UI Design Consultant

João crafts pixels with love and builds beautiful & natural user interfaces for iOS, Android and Windows 8. After working on special projects for ANA - Aeroportos de Portugal (iOS & Android), CGD (Windows 8), and Vodafone (iOS), as the Digital Art Director of Innovagency, Joao joined Handybook, a startup located in SoHo, NYC, as Lead UI Designer. He also works as a consultant for some Silicon Valley companies and is the founder and CEO of iD Shirt®, a startup specialised in t-shirts with dynamic custom QR Codes. João is Viva Superstars' Senior UI Design Consultant, and is currently designing revolutionary apps to Upgrade Superstars.

Alexandra R. Teles

Alexandra R. Teles


Alexandra holds a BSc in Advertising & Marketing, at the Portuguese School of Communication and Media Studies. From 2001 to 2003 she worked in EuroRSCG as advertising producer for major brands like Peugeot. Later, she embraced a new professional challenge as graphic and events production manager, in Lowe and Partners. She currently lives in between Portugal and Denmark, but still found the time to become marketing manager for Soup (surf magazine), and pursue her dream of founding her own business since 2008 (an import and distribution company - AllwayPWT, Lda).

Vasco M. Almeida

Vasco M. Almeida

Upgrading Business Sales

Vasco has a Master Degree in Enterprise Communication. He worked for 12 years in Advertising (Publicis, Y&R, Caetsu, MKT, BBDO, MSTF Partners) becoming Head Client Service. Since 2005 he has been working in Events Marketing and Organization in both Portugal, Spain and Angola. In 2006 he became partner of Triologia, a portuguese company leader in Wind & Kite Surf, which he expanded to corporate events and catering. He has been involved in several events in Angola, such as being head of marketing for the 2007 Afrobasket and head of logistics for the 2008 Angola Presidential Elections.

Besides our full-time staff we have an impressive collaborative network of experts working closely with bViva in numerous areas ranging from business strategy to game design. This extended team guarantees 360º excellence in all our products and projects, allowing us to internally develop cutting-edge solutions that are both creative and effective, and fully in-line with our clients’ and partners’ needs.

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